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Centipede! (2004)

1,380 views David Stone, his ex-girlfriend, Sara, and six other youth, five men, one with a morbid fear of bugs, and a woman, decide to go to the Shankali, Hyderabad, India to explore an underground cave. At the outskirts of the city, they are met by their tourist guide, Kafi, and taken several miles underground. This is where their trip will turn into an nightmare as an underground quake will block their return path, virtually burying them amongst giant centipedes.

Ace Derringer vs. the Shadow Men (2004)


1,360 views Ace Derringer vs. The Shadow Men is an exciting retro sci-fi short film about inter-galactic adventurer Ace Derringer and his mission to rescue the beautiful Princess Arcadia from the clutches of her nemesis The Shadow Men; who have been pursuing the Princess and her people throughout galaxy in an attempt to steal the Princess's powerful and mysterious "Star of Athera" medallion. Ace and the crew of his rocket ship The Thunder 7, crusty old marine Cal Benton and wiz kid and pilot, Jack Grey fight to protect the Princess and keep the Star of Athera out of the hands of her enemy.

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